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Hi, I'm Karen Finlayson

When I hit 40, over a decade ago, some of the habits I had in my 20’s and 30’s started to stick around on my body. I saw myself put on a significant amount of weight due to the food & beverage choices I was making, the type of exercise I was (and was not) doing, and also the increased stresses within my life having gone through losing my parents close after each other.

My weight went up dramatically, and having gone through the heartbreak of losing both my parents to cancer when they were still relatively young, it made be determined to reinvest in myself – to build a foundation of health and wellness, that included both a nutritionally balanced meal plan that I created for myself; and modifying my approach to exercise to build the strength I needed to support myself through the ageing process.

I tested many different nutritional and exercise approaches, until I landed on what I continue to adopt in my own life, and support other people like you. I created a nutritionally balanced macro based meal plan, designed to lose weight, build muscle and be sustainable. And I developed an exercise approach that is based on building strength, fitness, and mobility, suitable for bodies that are at the life stage yours is now. 

I have never been about ‘body beautiful’, glossy magazine ready; I am about ‘body fit, healthy & strong’, so we feel energetic and confident – which in my mind is the most beautiful body we can have! One that works for us on a day to day basis. A body we know we can rely on.

Certified Coach (Personal Trainer, Movnat, Pilates, Barre) – Certified Nutrition and Health – Dip.Therapeutic Massage – B.A Art History 

Hi, I'm Caro McCourtie

I’m passionate about supporting women to be all of who they are. I want you to not just age vibrantly, but to age ‘loudly’ – so you shine your light brightly, be heard, be seen.

My aim is to guide you to tap into what you want in your life. Professionally and personally. 

You get to choose how you age, and I’m here to facilitate that, helping you remove any barriers standing in the way of your vision for yourself as you navigate what for all of us can be our Second Act!

No fading into any background, this is the time to thrive as the incredible, seasoned women we all are!

20+ years Credentialed Business & Executive Coach; 30+ years Brand & Digital Marketer, Corporate, SME/SMB & Entrepreneur front line experience; Author, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator; Professional Globetrotter working 1-1/1-many US, UK, CA, IE, SA, NZ, AU


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What We Do To Help You Feel Like Yourself Again!

Our focus is about supporting women like you to make satisfying and sustainable changes in your health and wellness as you navigate through the busyness of life now you're in the 40, 50, and 60 plus bracket. We offer a variety of programs, with your first step often being to become part of our 60 day online, Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp, where we work with you to set your Health & Wellness goals, creating a plan forward that is based on where you are now, and designed to get you where you want to be, supporting you to feel like yourself again whatever that looks like for you. Our program offers you: