Bodyneed Programs

Transform With Bodyneed™ Bootcamp

Transform with Bodyneed™ Bootcamp is an eight week program for women 40, 50 and 60+ who want to feel like themselves again. It is a combination of customized nutrition meal plans; online home exercise classes based on natural movement; and coaching and support through the private online community. Plus a variety of other exciting, powerful bonuses to ensure you achieve the sustainable transformation you desire! 

Corporate & SME Wellness Programs

We offer Tailormade Wellness Programs for our SME and Corporate Clients.

Our Programs are designed to further support your business culture, and the individuals within your organisation.

By understanding your current situation, and what you want to see more of within your work environment, we will create a solution that we know will achieve your Wellness goals.

This may include:

  • Wellness Workshops 
  • Wellness & Executive Coaching for Individuals
  • Group Exercise/ Personal Training using the Bodyneed Natural Movement/Pilates methodology
  • Nutrition Coaching

Macro Health™ Nutrition Coaching

Macro Health™ Nutrition Coaching is the next step up from the Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp. This is for Members who want to work further on the balance of their macro nutrients across a variable, personalized, healthy calorie allocation, to further achieve your weight loss goals. This new one to one 12 week program will offer a springboard from the foundation you have created with your Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp. It will teach you more about nutrition, and also empower you to introduce some of your favorite foods and beverages in a more balanced and healthy manner.

Wellness & Executive Coaching

Caro McCourtie has worked with Business Owners, and Senior Leaders in the Corporate and SME worlds since 2000, both in Executive Coaching & Marketing Consulting capacities.

Major life changes saw her relocating back to NZ after 18 years in Sydney, Australia, to take on primary caregiving roles for both her aging parents.

Like many she thought she ‘had it sorted’, and could handle it all, as she had successfully her whole life. But her reality was that her own physical, emotional and mental health was suffering, at the same time as coming to terms that her body had changed as she moved into her next decade. 

It took her applying her own Coaching tools on herself, and also working with Karen around how to approach her nutrition and exercise at her life stage now, that got her back on track to feeling like herself again.

Whatever your own personal story may be, what appears to be across the board is that women (and men) at these 40, 50, 60+ life stages are faced with a lot more external and internal challenges.

We have a massive amount of experience, have accumulated a treasure trove of skills, yet we can end up struggling to stay on strong footing with regards to our careers and our lives.

Executive & Wellness Coaching with Caro will support you to design and create your Second Act as you want & deserve.

Caro will guide you to make conscious aligned choices, personally and professionally so that you are thriving internally and externally.

Caro is passionate about encouraging you to live out loud, so that you are seen and heard as you want to be, in all the areas of your life!

If you’d like to find out more about working One to One with Caro, so that you are living your life in a way that brings you the inner and outer fulfilment you want at this life stage, please contact her via the ‘Know More’ button.