Bodyneed Programs

Transform With Bodyneed™ Bootcamp

Transform with Bodyneed™ Bootcamp is an eight week program for women 40, 50 and 60+ who want to feel like themselves again. It is a combination of customized nutrition meal plans; online home exercise classes based on natural movement; and coaching and support through the private online community. Plus a variety of other exciting, powerful bonuses to ensure you achieve the sustainable transformation you desire! 

Macro Health™ Nutrition Coaching

Karen’s Macro Health™ Nutrition Coaching is the next step up from the Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp. This is for Members who want to work further on the balance of their macro nutrients across a variable, personalized, healthy calorie allocation, to further achieve your weight loss goals. This new one to one 12 week program will offer a springboard from the foundation you have created with your Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp. It will teach you more about nutrition, and also empower you to introduce some of your favorite foods and beverages in a more balanced and healthy manner.

Bodyneed Six Week Challenge™ Programs

The Bodyneed Six Week Challenge™ programs are designed to give your system a kick up the pants, to get positive health & fitness change happening for you. Goals for the Six Week Challenge programs vary from weight loss, to building more muscle strength and tone.  These Six Week Challenge programs run 4-6 times per year.

Transformation Coaching With Karen

Karen Finlayson walks her talk, and she can help you walk yours too. Following significant personal life events that saw her get onto the treadmill of busyness,  enveloped by the stresses of running her business, managing family commitments, and eating from emotion vs consciousness, Karen saw the writing on the wall as her own health declined as the weight crept on. Coming from a strong Health & Wellness career background, Karen was able to test and assess what works for herself and her many private clients, prior to launching her successful and sought after 90 day Transformation Bootcamp, and other popular programs.

Karen offers One to One Transformation Coaching by invitation only.