Success Stories

"Your work is life changing. Here’s how my life has changed thanks to your program, encouragement and kick ass attitude:
1. My right leg has been rehabilitated to the best it can be (snapped my ankle 4 years ago)
2. When I joined last year, my leg was restricted and damaged to the point I could not move without pain through my entire leg which was affecting my sleep with almost nightly cramps. THANK YOU
3. More energy – completed half marathon this year and was able to jog for some of it. THANK YOU
4. No more chafing and too tight waist bands. THANK YOU
5. Increased confidence both physically and mentally. When I joined last year I was nearing the end of menopause. I was tired, overweight and felt less than after not coping that well with a difficult project at work.
In other words, I felt ready for the scrap heap! THANK YOU"
Rochelle S
"Love, Love, Love Bodyneed - I'm totally addicted!! If you're looking to get back into fitness & wellbeing, without feeling like a duck out of water this is the way. Karen really knows what she's talking about! You'll learn excellent nutrition, correct techniques, and your strength and mobility will go ahead in leaps & bounds. Give it a go!! "
Sally W
"Thrilled with the result of my Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp - nearly 16lbs!!! Feeling confident, back in touch with my body, inspired and motivated and looking forward to the refocus and another three months stint on your program! Thanks for all the support and guidance to Karen & the Bodyneed Team!"
Nicola T
"On the Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp, I managed to achieve slow and steady weight loss, but more importantly tone to my body, and gain strength which I hadn't realised I had until I started using it in everyday movements such as moving rocks and building a rock wall. The mental benefits of regular exercise was also a big plus for me, I was previously a person who felt like they needed a nap or piece of chocolate at 3pm, and after a week or so, I noticed this had stopped happening. The support from Karen and the Bodyneed Team didn't stop after the Bootcamp. I am so happy I found Bodyneed!"
Fiona J
Testimonial from Marg
"You have to try this. It is the best ever and it works. I am 67 and it has turned my life around. Have lost weight feel fit and now eat healthily. I have lost 20lbs. My confidence and fitness levels have improved 100 %."
Marg B
Tarlin Testimonial
"Lost 22lbs!! Thank you Karen and team…I’ve enjoyed it..! Learning what not to eat, what I can eat and getting out there more to be more active. Now that I’ve come this far, I’m not gonna allow myself to slip into old habits. I’m turning 48 on Sat and this is the best I’ve felt in at least 10 years!"
Tarlin I
Caro Testimonial
"I’ve lost 24lbs, thanks to the Bodyneed program, and Karen! Some significant health & life challenges left me with extra weight at 50. The difference for me with this program is the balanced approach with delicious foods: and the type of exercise classes – which are perfect for my injury riddled body. I do feel like myself again, Yay!"
Caro M
"I joined Transform with Bodyneed because I needed to kick start my exercise regime, lose some fat and basically get in the best body shape I can before my big surgery. I have a lower back injury and they watched out for me to make sure I move properly and gave me alternative movements where needed. That in no way means I took it easy, I stuck to my nutrition plan, worked really hard and actually reached my target (6% body fat loss). I feel great, both physically and mentally and I am so glad I have signed up! I got amazing support from the team at Bodyneed throughout the whole journey, the atmosphere in the community is always really positive and I am looking forward to rejoining as soon as I am all healed up! Thanks Karen & team! "
Lenka W